I think taking a blogging break was good. Instead of being the dry well that it was in December, I actually have several ideas, and I’m eager to get back in the swing of things. I don’t know about you but I love the idea of fresh starts. January and September (back to school) just always fill me with some level of excitement. It’s another chance to start anew, to refine things and try out new things. Sure, you can do that anytime (especially if you’re a Christ follower), it’s just that these milestones always seem to lead to some reflective time for me.

But, before we get to that, how was everyone’s Christmas? Ours was quiet. No family, just the four of us. Which was probably good given all the excitement we’ve had in our lives lately. Of course I have a Calvin story for you.

In our new house we have a formal living and dining area, something we’ve never had before. And basically it will be our library-piano-extra furniture room. We don’t really do formal. So, that was where we put the Christmas tree, and my temporary desk was down there. I’m doing something on the computer and Calvin is over by the tree. Not too unusual. He likes to play wherever I’m at and this is a big empty room. But then it gets quiet, pierced by something that sounds like a quick rip of paper.

I look over. He’s hunched over one of the presents. It has a small, thumb-sized hole in it.

“Don’t open that,” I say.

“Mo—om, it’s time for Christmas.”

“Two more days.”

“No. Today’s Christmas.”

“Two more days.” I go back to work. He leaves the room and goes upstairs, taking his toys with him for once.

About ten minutes later he comes back down. “Mom, open this for me.”

I turn around. He’s holding his Nerf dart gun. One of his Christmas presents. That little booger. “That’s for Christmas. You don’t get to play with it now.” I stick it on my desk and then head upstairs to see what else he’s done. He’s opened one of Peter’s presents too. Wrapping paper covered his bedroom floor. I pick it up, repair the damage, and check under the tree for more missing presents.

It’s hard being little. And it didn’t help that Sissy’s birthday is on the twenty-third, so she got to open presents. So on Christmas day he got his Nerf dart gun back, in addition to his light saber that lights up and makes noise when it whacks things. Not sure what we were thinking in getting him an arsenal, but he’s a boy. He’s been watching Star Wars to get the sword fighting down, much in the same way my daughter watches High School Musical over and over to get the dance moves and songs down. So, the DVR has been a blessing in that regard.

We took the tree down yesterday, to only a small protest. Calvin bargained for Christmas to last one more week. Last year he was so upset when I took the tree down. He wanted it in his room. Um, no.

How was everyone else Christmases? Good memories? Funny ones?