Elaina tagged all of the Misfits with the eight random things about yourself meme.

So here’s eight random things about myself. With a little help from a friend . . .

1. I broke both my elbows two weeks before my wedding. This is really my claim to fame. It’s even inspired a dance.

2. I’m ambidexerous. I can write quite legibily with my left hand, though it’s slower from lack of use. Everything else is about equal.

3. I used to turn Rick Warren’s (Purpose Driven Life) sermons into small group Bible studies when I attended his church, Saddleback.

4. I’m a bona fide California girl, born there and lived there for over thirty years.

5. I’ve had quite the wide variety of jobs. I’ve worked for both Apple and IBM, I’ve been an insurance underwriter, worked as a draftsman and entitlement specialist for an engineering firm, and directed traffic and drove a bus as part of campus security, i was a director of marketing, and I do web design. And, ahem, I’m now looking for a job, so, any offers?

6. I have a fondness for late night laundry room visits and the smell of fabric softener . . .

7. I like sour stuff more than sweet, especially sour and salty like pickles, olives, artichoke hearts.

8. I broke my toe ring on a trip to visit Michelle. I have no idea how I did that.

I tag Malia, Sabrina, Diana and anyone else that hasn’t already been tagged.