Tricia Goyer has a fun list of trivia posted at her blog today. I love stuff like that. Guess I’m just a trivial kind of gal.

On a more important note, today Calvin turns five. Some days, I never thought he’d live this long.

Actually, he was never supposed to survive the pregnancy. Turns out there’s a protein in Peter’s blood that I make antibodies to. Of course both of our kids got this protein so I made antibodies against them while I was pregnant with them. It gets worse with each pregnancy, and we didn’t know about it when I was pregnant with my daughter.

At about twenty weeks, the specialists told us there was a good chance our son wouldn’t survive the pregnancy and that, if he did, he might need an intrauterine blood transfusion and be extremely ill when he was born. I went into labor at twenty-two weeks and spent the next fifteen weeks on bedrest. He also turned breech three weeks before he was born. See? He was being contrary even in the womb.

Two days after the towers came down, my little boy was born. Perfectly healthy.