What is it with March’s association with madness? NCAA basketball has March Madness. There’s the saying, “As mad as a March hare.” Maybe it’s a prelude to spring fever?

Whatever the reason, it’s infected me. I have become mad enough to create something called Monday March Madness on this blog by allowing Peter to post on here each Monday in March. The madness part is my even thinking this was a good idea.

So with great fear and trembling, here is Peter’s first post.

Thanks to my wife for “allowing” me to present my first official blog in cyberspace (big applause). Now, why would you waste your precious time to read a blog from a no-name non-writer?

Well, it’s about my 4 year old son. We decided to forget the cooking for one night and go out to eat at Applebees. Why Applebees? Because it’s about a 90 second drive from our home! Anyways, I don’t know if you have an Applebees that you frequent, but the one we go to is quite cramped. The booths and tables are in close proximity to each other. We were unable to get a booth (for you parents out there, you know how important getting a booth is!), so we settled for a table. Unfortunately, my son had access to a very busy aisle of customers, hostesses and waiters/waitresses running by our table.

What do I mean by access? Well, a young hostess was seating customers at the booth next to our table. Remember the close proximity thing? The hostess was backing up to let her customers sit down, and let’s just say that the hostess’ rear end was within arm’s reach of my son, and right at eye level.

My son was playing with his little stuffed dino. Unfortunately, he couldn’t help himself, and did what any 4 year old boy with a stuffed dino would do. He introduced the dino to the hostesses. That’s right: he shook her booty with his dino!

I will not comment as to the attractiveness level of said hostess rear end, but she must have known who “reached out to touch her”, because she turned around with a smile. Unfortunately, I think she was looking at me first! Hey! Just what kind of a guy do you think I am anyways?

All in all, nothing bad happened, except that my son is well on his way to being a teenager. And I have no idea where he got the idea to do this!