Okay, thanks to Mike Synder , I’ve been tagged to play seven sevens. So here’s my list. You know, doesn’t thinking qualify as labor on the Sabbath? Okay, okay, we won’t be legalistic here. Still, friends don’t make friends think when they’re tired. šŸ™‚ Consider that fair warning for whatever nonsense might follow.

Seven Things to Do Before I Die

1. Write a book I’m actually happy with (I’d love to say get published, but that’s not something I can do)
2. Go to Europe
3. Go to the Holy Land
4. See my kids get married and have their own kids (now that would be justice)
5. Find time to finish all the projects I start
6. Learn to play another instrument
7. Tour the United States in an RV and see all the places I’ve only read about

Seven Things I Cannot Do

I cannot…
1. Give a short answer to a question (anyone who I e-mail can testify to this)
2. Stand still with my eyes closed without toppling over
3. Resist at least thinking a sarcastic remark when someone says something completely inane. And sometimes I utter it.
4. Go anywhere without a book
5. Sit still for any length of time
6. Jump out of a perfectly good airplane
7. Manage to NOT sing in the car. And sometimes the grocery store.

Seven Things that Attract Me to My Husband

1. His gorgeous eyes
2. His cute smile
3. He thinks I’m funny (both ha ha and the weird kind) and loves me anyway
4. He listens to me talk. For a really long time šŸ™‚
5. He’s a great father.
6. He reads my writing and actually has constructive things to say
7. He unconditionally supports my writing and does amazing things to make it happen

Seven Things I Say Most Often

1. Really
2. That’s going to leave a bruise (on me, not my kids)
3. Get down from there.
4. Get out of the (cupboards, refrigerator, pantry, dog’s bowl, cat box, toilet)
5. Leave your sister alone (can you tell I have a very active boy?)
6. This sucks
7. Good job.
8. Where’s my Diet Coke? I need more Diet Coke. Are we out? Again?

Seven Books I Love

Okay this really isn’t a fair question. It totally depends on what mood I’m in. Do I want something fun? Light? Serious? Scary? Something so well-written I’ll give up ever being that good of a writer? Did I also mention I have a sieve for a brain? I can’t remember what I read last week. Okay, how about I just make this a random list of books I like that I can remember off the top of my head? Did you see my answer about my inability to give a short answer?
1. The Anne of Green Gables series
2. Little Women
3. Anything Shakespeare (plays and sonnets)
4. Dee Henderson’s O’Malley and Uncommon Heroes series
5. Terri Blackstock’s Cape Refuge series
6. Peace Like a River
7. Okay, seems logical to put the Bible here, but to me that’s kind of like saying I love oxygen and water. Pretty much a necessity. And probably a bunch of other books that if I’d just get up out of this chair and walk over to the bookshelves … oh forget it.
* Ooh, almost forgot. It’s not in print yet, but some of the best stuff I’ve read in a while. My Name is Russell Fink. Now what was the author’s name? Hmm. Mike somebody? šŸ™‚

Seven Movies I Would Watch Over and Over Again
By necessity, if I want to see a complete movie, I generally have to watch it over and over again because of the interruptions. I’m glad this question didn’t say Seven Movies I HAVE Watched Over and Over Again, because they’d be mostly kids’ movies. The background video to my life šŸ™‚
1. Help! I can’t even think of seven movies I like. And I don’t generally like watching movies over again, though I do read books over again. Partly that brain-is-a-sieve thing. Partly cuz I don’t get out much. Lots of sympathy here, please.
2. Okay, Ocean’s Eleven was good. Didn’t see the twist coming which is always a good thing.
3. Bourne Identity (nice plot)
4. Bourne Supremacy (Matt Damon’s cute)
5. Merchant and Ivory films, mostly because I can’t remember what happened in any of them outside of the fact that Helena Bonham Carter is in them and the costuming is good.
6. BBC version of Pride and Prejudice. Do like that one a lot
7. Remains of the Day. Liked that a lot.

Seven People I Want to Join in Too

1. Jenny Cary
2. Diana Brandmeyer
3. Julie Lessman
4. Paula Moldenhauer
5. Peg Rose
6. Malia Spencer
7. Sabrina Butcher