Okay, I don’t have any real leftovers because I didn’t cook this year, but here’s a hodgepodge of thinly related stuff from the past week.

And before we begin, can I just say, it’s FREEZING in Arizona? It was 29 degrees when I came downstairs this morning. I stopped running because my nose was burning so bad I thought it was going to bleed. No moisture in the air. All right, I know, I’m a wimp. It’ll get up to close to 60 today, which is still really, really cold to me. And all of you who don’t live in California or Arizona have no sympathy for me, I know. But I’ll take 115 degrees in July over winter cold anyday.

This is the family picture we took Thanksgiving day at my in-laws. Everyone is actually looking at the camera, a first for us.

A note of bragging. I bet not too many of you went swimming on Thanksgiving. I didn’t either, but my daughter did. Eighty-five degrees in Palm Springs at my in-laws house. They heat their pool so the girls all went swimming. So the bitter cold today is just doubly insulting after such gorgeous weather.

And on a sad note: What is the world coming to? This next generation may already be lost. Thanksgiving Day at my in-laws, we were watching the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special (forget the official title, I know that’s just terrible) when my niece asked her dad the names of all the characters. She only knew Charlie Brown and Snoopy. Now that’s just sad. I’m going to have to talk to Paul about how he’s raising his children. Surely he’s depriving him of great American culture if they don’t know the whole cast of Peanuts. Sheesh. It’s pretty bad when the adults are into the cartoon more than the kids.

Finally, one definition of insanity: taking your kids to the day-after-Thanksgiving sales. We stood in line for 45 minutes at one store. They were actually pretty good. And I got some cool new running shoes (which is what I went for) and finished a good portion of my Christmas shopping (an added benefit).

And next week, I might actually have something interesting to say.