Welcome to Reedsville, Oregon in the 1880s.

The 1880s was a fascinating time in American history. The country was recovering from its greatest wounding, the Civil War. People were moving West to make new lives for themselves. Progress, in the form of trains, telegraphs, gas, and electricity were making life easier, and new inventions were just around the corner. Out West in particular, women were becoming more independent and taking charge of their own lives, including careers and schooling.

I chose to set my stories in Oregon because I visited there on a trip in high school and fell in love with its beauty. The very kernel of this story started as an AP English project that year. The characters never left me alone and over the years the story grew, morphed, and changed as my writing skills developed.

Reedsville is inspired by the real town of Molalla, Oregon, which was the end of the trail and the beginning of a new life for many pioneers of the time.

I hope you enjoyed a trip back in time with the following books:

Be Mine, the novella prequel

Be Mine by Jennifer Vander Klipp

Can a simple thank you note turn into something more?

A woman searching for independence. A man searching for education.

Cassandra Parsons has set her cap for the local lumber camp owner. She’s been coddled and protected her whole life out of her parents’ fear of losing their only surviving child. But she wants to prove she can be a capable wife and not the china doll everyone thinks she is. Each attempt ends up in disaster.

Sy O’Malley, an educated-but-lonely orchard owner, doesn’t believe any townspeople share his intellectual interests. He’s been applying to live out his dream of a college education and get away from the family orchard. Reluctantly he participates in a town event, playing his treasured violin. When Cassandra literally bumps into him, he realizes she might be the one person in town who shares his intellectual interests. On a whim, he sends her an anonymous note funneled the through the town busybody, not expecting her to return one of her own.

Will Sy continue to keep the secret? Will Cassandra find out who truly wants her to Be Mine?

Coming Home: Book 1

Coming Home cover

What if her brother’s death wasn’t an accident? What if she’s the next victim?

It’s 1881 in Oregon, and Becca Wilson is back from the university only long enough to bury her brother. And avoid Seth Blake. Becca dreads seeing her girlhood crush to whom she confessed her love before she went off to college. Embarrassed by her childish behavior, she can only hope Seth has forgotten and will see her as a woman. She plans to return to school as soon as possible and make a life for herself.

Rumors of ghosts, accidents at the camp, and overheard conversations convince Becca that her brother’s death was no accident. Despite evidence that she’s the next target, she puts her own feelings and college aside to stay and uncover the truth.

Seth is happy to see Becca, but as a grown woman she’s a stranger to him, stirring up feelings he can’t identify. When he finds a piece of evidence implicating him in Thomas’s death, he struggles with helping Becca find answers while keeping her from learning he could have prevented it. As the stakes get higher, Seth must keep both of them alive long enough to offer a future to this grown woman he’s fallen in love with.

The Road Home: Book 2 (coming early 2018)

Book cover of the Road HomeJosh Benson is a stagecoach driver just trying to do his job. Emily Stanton is returning to her suitor to finally accept his proposal, only to discover he died. But when a stack of money shows up in Emily’s bag, she thinks the past she has desperately tried to hide has come back to haunt her. Josh thinks Emily might be one of the few people he could let past his guard of humor. But when he thinks she’s lied to him, he doubts they can have a future together. Both must learn the value of forgiveness—of themselves and each other—in order to find healing.

Finally Home: Book 3 (release date to be determined)