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See you on the other side.

Lucy, a black LabThis is Lucy. Like many people’s pets, she has several names. She’s hardly ever called by her real name–unless she’s in trouble. Lucille (by me), Lulu Belle (by the kids), Visa (also by me, because she’s everywhere you want to be and I’m always tripping over her).

She’s also known as the Dumb Cat. We have two cats, so Lucy thinks she’s one of them. But you can tell when the cats look at her, they think she’s really dumb for a cat. For the record, Rocki is the Bad Cat because she wants to go outside just like the Dumb Cat. Lexi is the Scaredy Cat because, well, she’s scared of everyone but me.

More than anything, though, Lucy’s my husband’s dog. For his birthday, I got him a card that had an image of a man on a boat with a black Lab. It sits on his desk as Mike’s definition of a perfect day. Unfortunately, he sold his boat to put wood floors in our house.

And now, Lucy is also gone. She suffered from cancer of the mouth. And when a Lab is miserable, you know it’s bad.

We spent one last Sunday morning with her. Rocki was stalking her yarn ball as she does most mornings. Lucy thought, of course, that Rocki wanted to play with her, and so chased her under the Christmas tree, barking, completely confused as to why, once again, the other cats wouldn’t play with her.

And so she leaves us with one more memory to string on the chain of those she’s given us over the years. Goodbye, dear friend. See you on the other side.

A Room With a View

Working from home has brought a difference I hadn’t really appreciated before I made the move: new co-workers. Meet Lexi, Rocki (above), and Lucy (below, who is usually being this ridiculous when she’s not sleeping).
I have to say, they are not as industrious or helpful as my previous colleagues have been. However, they are entertaining and they don’t mind if I talk to myself. And they are completely supportive of any decisions I make. Especially if it involves food.
Once difference I was looking forward to was not staring at the wall of a cubicle all day. My office has two windows that look out onto greenery in every direction. The amount of wildlife continually parading before me is astonishing.
Coming from California and Arizona before my move to the Midwest, I’m used to a much more limited range of wildlife. I grew up surrounded by orange groves so we had gophers and lizards and some birds. We could hear coyotes wailing their hearts out at night.
In Arizona I had a roadrunner perch on my backyard wall.
Photo credit: Jennifer Vander Klipp
But with the heat of the day, most wildlife stayed out of sight.
So I was delighted to find that a momma robin was building her nest right outside my office window on a little stub of a branch. I watched her fly in and out with bits of twigs and plant matter. She’d tuck it in with her beak and then stomp around in a circle, treading it in place until the nest took shape. And then she was off for more.
Photo credit: Jennifer Vander Klipp
You can see how her coloring perfectly disguises her when she’s sitting in her nest. You can barely see the red breast and the only other color is in her beak.
My coworkers were utterly fascinated. They were perfectly still all day, only their heads swiveling as Momma flew in and out.
I know nothing about robins so I did what all good researchers do and Googled them. This was how I knew when Momma settled into the nest and didn’t move that she was laying her eggs. At this point, we had to be careful. If the light was right, she could see movement in my office and would fly off. I didn’t want her to be scared away so I started approaching my office with care, moving slowly.
But I had one frustration. (To be continued…)

But I had one frustration. (To Be Continued…)

I thought this was supposed to be a vacation!

The kids and I are taking a break from the cold Midwest and spending it in sunny California with my parents. And our dogs.

Apparently nobody told the raccoons and skunks that treat my parents’ back yard as the wildlife superhighway to the neighbors’ cat food and hot tub. While there wasn’t much to snack on in our back yard, the neighbors had treats aplenty. And two dogs now hanging out back there was cramping the style of the neighborhood wildlife.

After a couple of close calls that smelled up the yard, our black lab Charlie finally got a faceful of skunk spray. It was bad enough to make him throw up. My eyes were watering inside the house with the doors shut. That stuff is awful!

So of course my first reaction was to go on Facebook and update my status to ask for help. My good friend Tammy (from high school!) gave me the following recipe:

Let me tell you, it works. It was hard to tell at first because the whole yard smelled, but when we put him in the garage for the night, he was the best smelling thing around. So if your dog gets sprayed by a skunk, don’t use tomato juice. Use the peroxide/baking soda recipe.

Since we haven’t heard from (or smelled) the skunks since, I’m hoping that was the final battle of the back yard.

Wonder what the raccoons have planned.

Battle of the Species

Whenever I need a humor break, I Can Has Cheezeburger is the place to go. Especially if you think cats are the perfect evidence that God has a sense of humor.

So when I stumbled across this picture, I had to share.

funny pictures of cats with captions
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Especially since I had taken this one some time ago.

So you choose. Who really invented the dark side?

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