We’re officially in our new house now. It’s been an interesting experience. First of all, my poor cat, Duchess, has been through more moves than she has lives. Poor thing. One time when Peter and I moved into married student housing at UCI we couldn’t find her for the longest time. Until I opened up the kitchen drawer. It stuck. I pulled harder. It opened to reveal black striped fur. I screamed and jumped back before I realized it was her. She had climbed up inside it from a cupboard and was hiding. At least is wasn’t a giant mouse. We had plenty of the little ones there, which kept Duchess busy.

I’d like to think that after all the moves she’s adapted. But this time around, we moved with a dog, something she hadn’t experienced before. She got to ride in the middle seat between the kids in her carrier while Charlie was in the back drooling on her. She stayed very quiet the whole trip instead of meowing pitieously as usual.

Here, almost everyone is in one of the building trades, plus there’s a sheriff’s deputy and a Navy guy. And about 15 kids on our cul-de-sac. Should be great for the kids.

But one of the best things for me was driving out here among the sheep and the cows and seeing the stars. We can see stars. Now we could see stars at our old house. Never could in California. But here, there’s zero light pollution. Very, very cool.

And I’ve included a few pictures of our new neighbors.

And last, but not least, Arizona snow, AKA cotton.